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Welcome to Newmark IT

Welcome to Newmark IT. We are an IT services provider in the Shropshire region who work around you. Our main focus is on small to medium sized businesses.

We tend to be seen by our clients as their in-house IT support team. This is because we are passionate about providing the correct IT solution and in a quick turn around time.

Working with you as a team member rather than an external provider. We will help drive your company forward offering managed or ad-hoc support. Whichever suits your needs the most.


Managed Service

Are you in need of IT support on a regular basis and experiencing issues which are having an impact on your business? Then look no further as our Managed Service is the perfect solution for you. We can provide full IT support with a tailored package which suits your business requirements.

Ad Hoc Service

Are you a one man show, or a in a small office with only a couple of computers and are experiencing an issue which you have exhausted your brain and resources on how to solve the IT problem yourself? Our Ad-Hoc Support service is probably the right choice for you. We can provide remote or on-site assistance for just a one off cost.

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